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GMs: Six Ways to Go Above and Beyond for your VIP Guests

Every guest is equally important and deserves exceptional service; however, there are those guests that have earned the right to certain privileges and treatment: VIP guests. These may be individuals who are part of your brand’s loyalty program. They may be high-level executives or heads of companies. Their status as VIP may depend on the…

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Hoteliers: Heed These 5 Lessons from Experience-17 to Revolutionize the CX

It’s not a matter of opinion, but fact: the CX paradigm is changing in hospitality. Technology is advancing by the minute, and guest expectations are continually evolving. The word “service” is no longer in any innovative hotelier’s dictionary. Guests today have some pretty wild ideas about what their hotel experience will look like in years…

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Three Things You Need to Know about the Hotel of the Future

I find it fascinating that 20 years ago, this kind of blog could never have been written. As recently as 10 years ago, the scope of possibilities for business, the customer experience—practically everything that competitively differentiates organizations in today’s digital era—was narrower than ever, if not nonexistent. Looking back, it’s clear that the world has…

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Why the Word ‘Service’ Can No Longer Exist in Hospitality

Ask anybody, and they’ll tell you that the customer experience (CX) is the strongest—if not, only—competitive differentiator among companies today. This is why nearly 90 percent now compete solely based on the CX, and why half of this year’s product investment projects are being redirected to CX innovations. The ability to consistently deliver amazing customer…

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Guest Needs Haven’t Changed, Expectations Have: Here’s How to Exceed Them

As I discussed in my last blog, research clearly shows that customers still value the fundamentals of their hotel stay (i.e. pool, breakfast, clean room, friendly staff). At the same time, however, they demand greater ingenuity among the organizations they do business with. In other words, most guests today still have the same wants and…

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15 Classic Guest Experience Ideas That Still Work

We live in a world today where 90 percent of companies compete solely based on the customer experience. This certainly includes organizations in hospitality, where delivering a memorable guest experience has never been more crucial. In today’s ultra-competitive market, managers are quick to adopt newer technologies and bolder service strategies to create out-of-the-box experiences that…

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Superior Customer Service Shouldn’t be an Exception, it Should be the Norm

We hear about both incredibly good and bad customer service moments all of the time. We see them reported on in the news, for instance, or we overhear them during conversations with friends and family. For example, perhaps you heard the news of how three employees at a Staten Island–based Lowe’s store stayed past closing…

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The Rise of Multichannel Service: What this Means For Your Brand

No matter the vertical you play in—be it hospitality, retail, finance—by now you have most certainly heard the phrase “multichannel customer service.” In the simplest of terms, multichannel refers to the practice of interacting with customers using a combination of indirect and direct communication channels—e.g. websites, retail stores, mail order catalogs, direct mail, email, mobile,…

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Three Ways to Stay On Top of Your Customer Service

If you were to ask a number of brand executives to describe their customer service best practices, they might throw around phrases like “white-glove treatment,” “industry-leading best practices” and “unprecedented standards of excellence.” But if everyone is acing it in the customer service realm, then how come three out of five Americans would try a…

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