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Why the Word ‘Service’ Can No Longer Exist in Hospitality

Ask anybody, and they’ll tell you that the customer experience (CX) is the strongest—if not, only—competitive differentiator among companies today. This is why nearly 90 percent now compete solely based on the CX, and why half of this year’s product investment projects are being redirected to CX innovations. The ability to consistently deliver amazing customer…

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Five Questions to Help Hotel Managers Reimagine ROI

Return on investment (ROI): it’s the one thing that businesses across the board seem to have trouble defining, measuring and creatively maximizing. This can especially be seen within the hospitality industry where, for one reason or another, ROI can often feel MIA. If you can relate, here are five questions that can help you reimagine…

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Hospitality Leaders: Kickstart 2017 by Reading these Five Blogs

As 2016 comes to an end, one thing remains clear for hospitality leaders: never has the industry been in such a state of evolvement as it is today. Today’s rapid pace of innovation has made it more difficult than ever for supervisors to skillfully manage properties, motivate teams and drive memorable guest experiences. Operating costs…

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The End of the Year Is Here: Hospitality Leaders, Are You Ready?

Driving efficient operations and delivering memorable guest experiences can be difficult under virtually any circumstance, let alone a hectic Q4 and busy holiday season. As comforting as the holidays are, this time of year is an often-stressful one for hospitality leaders. It’s during this “most wonderful time of the year” when managers must tighten budgets…

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MBWA: What it is, Why it Works and the One Thing to Keep in Mind

In today’s increasingly digital world where nearly four million Americans work remotely, it’s understandable that managers may overlook the importance of being present and engaging onsite to ensure employee satisfaction and improvement. Sophisticated technologies and progressive workplace cultures have led to a new way of thinking, working and collaborating. There’s of course nothing wrong with…

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