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Are Hotels Tackling What Guests Really Want for Superior CX?

Forty-five percent of guests recently surveyed by Medallia believe hotels do not exceed customer expectations. But wait…hasn’t the industry evolved with advanced technologies and new methodologies for meeting shifting preferences? Guests can now autonomously check-in to properties. In-room amenities can be automatically adjusted to exact likings. In today’s smart, digital world, guests seemingly have everything…

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8 Effective, Low-cost Marketing Tools for Hotels

In a new digital era defined by distinct brand experiences, the bar for hotel marketing has been set incredibly high. It’s critical that properties competitively differentiate with unique branding that effectively engages (research shows engaged guests are 40% more likely to come back and also less price-sensitive). So, what can hotels realistically do? Here are…

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20 Statistics to Make You Rethink Your Guest Experience Strategy

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: guests’ needs haven’t changed, expectations have. That means a lot in today’s digitally-driven world where demand for agility, quality and speed are at an all-time high. It also can mean many different things considering today’s wide generational spectrum. In the past, I’ve offered go-to tips on…

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