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Hospitality Insights from Medallia’s Experience ’18 Conference

I don’t travel often for industry events—with a new promotion and family obligations, I prefer virtual or local conferences—but Medallia’s annual “Experience” event is just too good to miss. After the incredible takeaways from last year’s event (recap here), I was eager to return. This year’s conference, which took place May 15-16 in Long Beach,…

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Hoteliers: Heed These 5 Lessons from Experience-17 to Revolutionize the CX

It’s not a matter of opinion, but fact: the CX paradigm is changing in hospitality. Technology is advancing by the minute, and guest expectations are continually evolving. The word “service” is no longer in any innovative hotelier’s dictionary. Guests today have some pretty wild ideas about what their hotel experience will look like in years…

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Liking vs. Loving Your Job: What Hospitality Leaders Should Know

A disturbing amount of research now points to the fact that people are unhappy with their jobs. A 2013 study from Gallup, for instance, found that only 13 percent of people worldwide actually enjoy going to work. This figure (169 million) represents about half of the U.S. population—a small sum compared to the 1.3 billion…

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Three Things You Need to Know about the Hotel of the Future

I find it fascinating that 20 years ago, this kind of blog could never have been written. As recently as 10 years ago, the scope of possibilities for business, the customer experience—practically everything that competitively differentiates organizations in today’s digital era—was narrower than ever, if not nonexistent. Looking back, it’s clear that the world has…

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Why the Word ‘Service’ Can No Longer Exist in Hospitality

Ask anybody, and they’ll tell you that the customer experience (CX) is the strongest—if not, only—competitive differentiator among companies today. This is why nearly 90 percent now compete solely based on the CX, and why half of this year’s product investment projects are being redirected to CX innovations. The ability to consistently deliver amazing customer…

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