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8 Effective, Low-cost Marketing Tools for Hotels

In a new digital era defined by distinct brand experiences, the bar for hotel marketing has been set incredibly high. It’s critical that properties competitively differentiate with unique branding that effectively engages (research shows engaged guests are 40% more likely to come back and also less price-sensitive). So, what can hotels realistically do? Here are…

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A Primer for Hotel Marketing in Today’s Digital World

Take a look at this Digital Marketing Battlefield Map from Forbes. Experience targeting, mobile media, social apps, emotion detection…it’s a lot to digest. Truth is, marketing in today’s digital era doesn’t have to be so overwhelming. As with any other business initiative, digital marketing is what we make it. We can choose to go as…

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Hospitality Leaders: Why You Will Never Regret Paying it Forward

In today’s world full of political, cultural and social divide, the act of paying it forward can go a long way. Doing a good deed for someone (or repaying it to another) is never a bad idea, whether that means paying for someone’s meal without them knowing or returning a wallet you found lying in…

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Easy (but Effective) Ways for Hospitality Leaders to Create a Solid Marketing Strategy

From reviews to mobile advertising to social media engagement, there are countless ways for hotels to market themselves, stay relevant and offer the best possible guest experience. Today, perception is reality when it comes to brand standards; customers largely articulate a brand based on their impressions, which are formed by how they are communicated and…

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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Hired in Hospitality

Table of Contents Introduction Why Is Breaking in So Difficult? The One Thing You Should Know Before Applying to Any Hospitality Job The Three Golden Rules for Drafting Your Resume Nailing Your Job Interview in Six Simple Steps Conclusion   INTRODUCTION In my 30+ years spent studying customer loyalty in the hospitality industry, I’ve often…

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