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How to Streamline and Maintain Hotel Quality Standards

For hospitality organizations, quality is the cornerstone of customer relationships. It’s the difference between “meh” and magnificent service that turns guests into loyal brand advocates. Yet at the heart of quality is consistency. Customers expect quality service not just once or every so often but across their end-to-end experience with a brand. For hotels, this…

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A 5-Week Plan for Improving Hotel Costs and Revenue [FREE WORKSHEET]

Hoteliers today are uniquely challenged to minimize costs while maximizing value. They must keep up with today’s rapid pace of innovation without increasing certain expenses. They’re expected to digitally transform while closely monitoring operating costs. They need to deliver extraordinary guest experiences while protecting the bottom line. Striking this balance is critical: a 2017 “Trends…

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Five Stats Hotels Need to Know to Accelerate Profits and Productivity

Hospitality executives, be honest with yourself: do heavy administrative workloads leave you less time for strategizing? Do slow processes lead to delays in work activities? Are you or your teams still using manual tools that affect productivity and increase the probability of making mistakes? If you answered “yes” to any of these, then it’s time…

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Hospitality Leaders: What Kind of ‘Tone’ Are You Setting?

If you’re familiar with my blog, then you know I talk a lot about employee development. Disengagement in the workplace is nothing short of an epidemic, and it’s one that we as leaders must work to correct. I’d like to pivot the conversation though for a moment to discuss something equally important, yet often misconstrued:…

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Bringing Humanity Back into Hotel Operations

As hospitality leaders, we understand the drastic impact that technology has on hotel operations. For example, we can improve data sharing through system integration or enhance communications to minimize disruptions. These benefits are all well-understood. My question is: how are we using these technologies once they’re implemented? This brings up an interesting point: operations are…

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Hoteliers: Heed These 5 Lessons from Experience-17 to Revolutionize the CX

It’s not a matter of opinion, but fact: the CX paradigm is changing in hospitality. Technology is advancing by the minute, and guest expectations are continually evolving. The word “service” is no longer in any innovative hotelier’s dictionary. Guests today have some pretty wild ideas about what their hotel experience will look like in years…

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