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Guest Needs Haven’t Changed, Expectations Have: Here’s How to Exceed Them

As I discussed in my last blog, research clearly shows that customers still value the fundamentals of their hotel stay (i.e. pool, breakfast, clean room, friendly staff). At the same time, however, they demand greater ingenuity among the organizations they do business with. In other words, most guests today still have the same wants and…

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15 Classic Guest Experience Ideas That Still Work

We live in a world today where 90 percent of companies compete solely based on the customer experience. This certainly includes organizations in hospitality, where delivering a memorable guest experience has never been more crucial. In today’s ultra-competitive market, managers are quick to adopt newer technologies and bolder service strategies to create out-of-the-box experiences that…

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Easy (but Effective) Ways for Hospitality Leaders to Create a Solid Marketing Strategy

From reviews to mobile advertising to social media engagement, there are countless ways for hotels to market themselves, stay relevant and offer the best possible guest experience. Today, perception is reality when it comes to brand standards; customers largely articulate a brand based on their impressions, which are formed by how they are communicated and…

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