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Bringing Humanity Back into Hotel Operations

As hospitality leaders, we understand the drastic impact that technology has on hotel operations. For example, we can improve data sharing through system integration or enhance communications to minimize disruptions. These benefits are all well-understood. My question is: how are we using these technologies once they’re implemented? This brings up an interesting point: operations are…

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15 Classic Guest Experience Ideas That Still Work

We live in a world today where 90 percent of companies compete solely based on the customer experience. This certainly includes organizations in hospitality, where delivering a memorable guest experience has never been more crucial. In today’s ultra-competitive market, managers are quick to adopt newer technologies and bolder service strategies to create out-of-the-box experiences that…

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Skipping the Holidays this Year? Here Are Four Unique Destinations to Consider

Have you ever heard of the movie Christmas with the Kranks? In the movie, Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis play parents who decide to skip out on the holidays and take a Caribbean cruise instead. Due to their neighborhood’s strong holiday spirit, however, their vacation doesn’t go exactly as planned. The fictional Krank family…

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MBWA: What it is, Why it Works and the One Thing to Keep in Mind

In today’s increasingly digital world where nearly four million Americans work remotely, it’s understandable that managers may overlook the importance of being present and engaging onsite to ensure employee satisfaction and improvement. Sophisticated technologies and progressive workplace cultures have led to a new way of thinking, working and collaborating. There’s of course nothing wrong with…

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