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INSPIRING LEADERSHIP Caring About Your Customer Experience Driving Service EXCELLENCE


Speaker, Thought-Leader, Customer Loyalty Expert

Who Is Robert?

A customer loyalty expert, Robert delivers an intimate knowledge of the hospitality industry and the underlying solution-based approaches necessary to lead. Engaging speaker, brand coach, advisor and thought-leader, Robert’s credits include improving customer perception, employee loyalty, and shareholder value.

What Improves?

Robert’s diverse and accomplished background provides initiative-based solutions for improving key messaging & customer loyalty. Leveraging technology as well as the latest training techniques, Robert is able to extend customer service through concise communication with internal operations teams.

What’s The Value?

To align your brand with a powerful thought-leader in strategic initatives geared towards new customer acquisition, key-messaging retention, as well as extended brand loyalty. Robert delivers leadership with knowledge and technique, as well as a passion to perform.

Meet Robert



Customer Loyalty Expert

Delivering Customer Loyalty Through Innovation and Solid Leadership

A Few Facts about Robert




Robert Has Worked With

  • AvalonBay
  • Costco
  • The Ayers Group


Helping Lead With Outstanding Customer Service Training

Service Excellence

Hands-on strategy development in areas of customer service and brand loyalty with a track record of delivering 11% increase in new account sales, complaint reduction of 90%, and example-driven leadership guidance programs that produce consistent improvements in employee morale.

Business Development

Attainment of growth rates in the double digits put forth by successful branding extensions aimed at attracting new customers. Consistently superceding sales targets with consecutive monthly increases in retention, loyalty, and on-the-job performance of sales consultants.

Financial Growth

Reduction of monthly expenditures by an average of 15% through the development of simplified inventory plans, creation of additional revenue streams, and waste reduction for conversion times of sales personnel during new acquisitions.

Leadership Style

Implementation of example-based leadership resulting in supportive management policy production as well as procedure development. Creation of enterprise-specific actionable protocols and training documents for sustainable growth and risk mitigation.

What people say about Robert

Anne B Conneally BSc, MSc, FHEA, CIPD, Sheffield Hallam University

Working with Robert A. Reitknecht has proven to be of great benefit to the Events, Food, Hospitality and Tourism Programme at Sheffield Hallam University, UK. On contacting Robert to assist us in designing and delivering an international webinar on “Employability skills for the 21st century”, to a group of Hospitality students, I can only say his efforts and enthusiasm has gone well beyond our expectations.

Anne B Conneally BSc, MSc, FHEA, CIPD, Sheffield Hallam University
Michael Cash, Town Sports International

Rob embraces the true meaning of service to the consumer at a high level of delivery and business smart at the same time. He is a phenomenal trainer in this regard and has a distinct ability to marry the deliverables with the company culture.Fundamentally strong and gifted in the service and ops sector he takes the business to and beyond its intent (and that is a good thing!)

Michael Cash, Town Sports International
Dianna Bernardo, AvalonBay Communities

I am pleased to offer a professional recommendation for Robert Reitknecht. While working closely with Robert, I found him to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and enthusiasm.

Dianna Bernardo, AvalonBay Communities
Joan Learn, The Ayers Group

Robert is a dynamic and innovative leader who presented to our group of HR professionals in transition He helped them to have a competitive edge with a social media campaign by having a web folio designed for their career campaign. Robert’s real-life experiences coupled with his ability to connect with the group, helped them learn the benefit of using Social Media which is so important in the job search today. You need more than just a resume and Robert’s approach gave new and innovative ways to differentiate in a tight job market. The presentation was called “Giving you an Edge in your Career Search” which was very inspiring and left the audience wanting to learn more. I would definitely recommend Robert to any company or group for training and development or to coach individuals to reach their professional goals. He is a true mentor and excellent speaker.

Joan Learn, The Ayers Group


Robert @

T: (203) 894-9412
M: (203) 733-6794

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